CAPTURE YOUR NIGHT's emotion...in motion!

Photosphere is Cincinnati’s newest and most unique photobooth experience. It’s unlike any other photobooth in the city!





Photosphere is not your traditional photobooth. Does it produce prints? Nope. Are there silly and stale props that have been used a thousand times before? Gosh no. Tacky backdrops that don’t display the true vibe and experience of your event, party or wedding day? Not with Photosphere!
So what makes Photosphere, A Cincinnati Photobooth, so different? Instead of producing prints that hang on your fridge to collect dust, Photosphere produces GIFs that bring the action at your wedding, corporate event, trade show, convention, birthday party, bar/bat mitzvah or other event, TO LIFE. The GIFs can be sent immediately to your guest’s phone via text message, and the entire gallery of GIFs from your wedding or event is sent out the next morning! In one touch you can share your GIFs to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, where they’ll live forever!
Photosphere also takes up minimal space and uses your ongoing party as the backdrop! Its bright LED lights pulls your guests in, and keeps them around for GIF after GIF. Check out the preview video and sample GIFs below to see Photosphere in action.
So what are you waiting for? Contact us below to see if Photosphere is available for your specific date and turn your amazing event into an unforgettable one!


$500 ($475 for existing Mojave East clients)
-Includes 2 hours
-Unlimited instantaneous delivery of gifs and pictures straight to your phone via sms/text (when wifi available) 
-Complete collection of GIFs delivered the day after your event and accessible through an online gallery for 6 months after the event date. 
-No props or backdrop required or included.
-Travel within a 40 mile radius of Cincinnati. If your event is further than our included mileage, no problem! Just inquire about our travel fees for your location.

Photosphere Pricing

standard Package

add ons:





-$150 per additional hour
-$50 GIF & Still Image Option (Traditional pictures) 
-$50 mobile hot spot (when venue does not have reliable wi-fi) 
-$50-$100 Custom logo or text overlay on all gifs produced
-$100 E-mail collection and distribution for marketing
-$25 ZIP archive of all GIFs & pictures from your event 



"Such a fun alternative to the standard photobooth! One of my clients recently used this at their wedding and their guests went crazy over it. We situated it right next to the dance floor so it would attract guests throughout the evening. Because of the size and look of Photosphere, it can virtually be placed anywhere. Love this!!” 

went crazy over it"

"My client's guests

Maura Bassman
owner, cincy weddings by maura

"Photosphere was a great addition to our recent event - it’s interactive, unique and fun! The set up is sleek and attractive so there’s no bulky equipment to try and mask and because it is not a “booth” it can accommodate both large and small groups. The guests had so much fun visiting the Photosphere over and over again throughout the evening and they were thrilled to receive their Photosphere gif within seconds. I highly recommend Photosphere if you are looking for a unique and entertaining photobooth alternative for your wedding or event!”


"It's interactive,


"Photosphere was a GREAT addition to a recent event I planned! A unique way to capture the fun and energy of the space & party and the people that attended. Professional staff and easy to use--I highly recommend! A creative alternative to the traditional photo booth.”

to capture the fun!"

"A unique way

Rachel Lynn Studio

Traditional photobooths take up large amounts of space, require long set up and break down times and produce prints that are destined to collect dust on your fridge and are generally, closed off. In contrast Photosphere, with its sleek design, was built to not only be stylish and attractive, but require minimal space and is not a ‘booth’ at all. Photosphere is not limited to a corner or patios of your venue.

Photosphere utilizes batteries and wifi, so it can go places that a traditional photobooth simply cannot: beaches, barns, fields, the bar, etc. Photosphere also produces fun GIFs to share all over social media as opposed to old school prints. It can even be moved mid-event from one location to another! No other photobooth can do this.

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Photosphere creates moving GIFs, which are simple digital animations made from a series of combined photos taken in quick succession. There are no prints, just 100% pure digital fun delivered straight to your phone, ready to be shared with your family, friends, and on all of your social media.

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A GIF is a simple digital animation made from a series of combined photos taken in quick succession.

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Absolutely! We have an add-on that allows your users to choose between doing a GIF, a picture or both!

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Nah. Your motion is the prop! We've found that people tend to have more fun when not preoccupied with choosing which silly hat to wear. Photosphere keeps your guests inventive all on their own, and you'll laugh later when you see what they come up with!

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Photosphere is constructed to face outward towards your event or party, and thus the motion of your event is the backdrop! We’ve found that this allows for spontaneity and encourages others to join in. Since motion is the name of the game, it only enhances the GIF.

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Leave all the setup to us! It takes just about 10 minutes to set up the unit itself, and we always request your venue’s wifi network name and password ahead of time so we can get on the network quickly and seamlessly while you are busy being the host of your party.

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Approximately 8 square feet of space is recommended to allow a group of people to gather to create GIFs together. While Photosphere is totally battery operated, access to power outlets must be available within 10 feet of the unit just in case the battery pack is drained during long events. WiFi access is required in order to instantly share GIFs with the guests, so we’ll be sure to get the network name and password prior to the event so it doesn't delay setup. We do require a dry space, and a stable surface upon which to set up the unit. Should your outdoor event encounter inclement weather, our attendant will promptly relocate Photosphere unit to a dry, indoor location.

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It’s so easy to use…you simply touch Photosphere’s screen, wait for it to count you down and then MOVE when it tells you to. It will then ask for the guest's cell number and be instantly delivered to them via text message to enjoy and share! Then it’s immediately ready for the next GIF!

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Yes, we supply a skilled attendant to set up the Photosphere, help guests get started and answer any questions as the party gets under way. They ensure everything runs smoothly!

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No wifi, no worries. We can provide a cellular hotspot for access anywhere at an additional cost.

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This is what is great about Photosphere photobooth. It doesn't need any power. It comes with charged batteries so it can be placed in the best spot!

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Of course! Each event will have its own gallery, where all of the GIFs captured will be stored. The day after your event, your guests will be provided, via text, a link to the gallery. We'll also share it with you so you can check out all of the fun! The online gallery will stay active for 6 months following the event. You are welcome to provide us with a custom message to send with the link that is sent out after the event.

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Our ZIP archive add-on allows you to download all the GIFs and pictures simultaneously.

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GIFs can easily be shared to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat via the share button. You can also add your own event #hashtag to easily find your event on the internet.

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If space allows, of course you can get the best of both worlds! Photosphere offers a completely different experience then a more traditional photobooth that prints 3 or 4 still images on a photo strip. Why not give your guests 2 souvenirs to go home with from your event?

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So glad you asked! We have a very simple contract you can complete. That, along with a 50% deposit of your total, will hold your date. Fill out our contact form to begin the process and we will get in touch!

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